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Are you struggling to get rid of your junk car?

We’re here to pay you to get that eyesore out of your yard. is a cash for cars company offering exemplary junk car removal services in Dallas and its surrounding areas. Whether your car is antique or a couple of years old, we provide the fastest way to get cash for your scrap car. We’ve partnered with the top junk car removal specialists in Dallas to make the process as efficient for you as possible.

Having a junk car on your lawn can be annoying. Instead of letting let it rust and lose value under the scorching Texan sun, sell it to us.

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How to Sell Your Junk Car to 3 Simple Steps

We don’t want to delay your trip to the Dallas Cowboys’ game, and that’s why we’ve developed a 3-step method to help you sell your junk car in Dallas fast and stress-free:

Step 1: Fill Out the Car Details

Give us all the relevant information about the car including the make, model, and year of manufacture. You’ll need to describe the car’s condition and upload some clear pictures.

Additionally, tell us whether you have the title of the vehicle as well as its exact location in Dallas. After this, you’ll get an offer in seconds. You can accept it or put it on hold while you look around for better deals. We’re sure you’ll come back – we want you to know you’re getting the best junk car offers in town.

Step 2: Schedule Pickup

If you accept our offer, our local representatives will reach out to schedule a pick-up date from your location. We typically pick up the junk car in 1-2 business days. However, in unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, we may delay. But we’ll communicate early enough.

Step 3: Get Paid

When our junk car specialists arrive, they’ll do a quick inspection of the vehicle to verify its status. You’ll be paid once you hand over the keys and transfer the title. Towing is free – so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. The offer you accept is the amount you’ll be paid.

How Much is Your Junk Car in Dallas, TX?

At, we strive to offer fair market prices for your junk car in Dallas. Our advanced valuation system takes into account a range of factors to value your car, including:

1. Type

The model, make, and year of the car are the most important factors that we look at during valuation. For instance, you can’t expect a 2010 Mercedes Benz to sell at the same amount as a 1992 Buick. The newer the car, the more it’ll fetch.

2. Size and Weight

If the car is going to a salvage yard, its value may be affected by how much reusable scrap metal it has. Often, a heavier vehicle will have a higher valuation. The current demand for scrap metal may also affect the value of salvage cars.

3. Condition

If your car is running and has most of its interior and exterior parts intact, it’ll certainly get you more money. Keep in mind we buy all types of cars, regardless of their conditions.

Cash for Junk Cars in Dallas, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Best Time to Sell My Car?

Sell your car to us today. Don’t let it rot away in your lawn and lose value. We guarantee you the best offers in town.

Can I Sell My Dead Car?

Yes. We’ll pay top dollar to get that junk car off your hands, whether it’s running or not. Simply fill in your car’s information on our website, accept our offer, and we’ll pick it up as soon as possible.

Do I Need a Car Title to Sell My Car in Dallas, TX?

Vehicle titles are complicated and sensitive legal issues in Texas. You’ll need a title when transferring ownership of your car. If you lost yours, you can get a replacement at your local Texas DMV offices.

How Long Does It Take to Sell My Car to

It’ll take you only a few minutes to fill in the online form on our website, telling us about your car. You’ll then get an offer instantly. Our local junk car removal specialists will pick up your car and pay you within 48 hours of accepting the offer.

Does Pay Cash for Cars in Dallas, TX?

We pay through checks to have records of the transactions. In case of any hitches, we’ll ensure you get your money through Venmo.

Will I Pay for Towing?

No. Our towing services are absolutely free and your cash offer won’t be deducted to cater to it. A Hassle-Free Way to Sell Your Junk Car in Dallas, TX

Selling your car doesn’t have to be so tedious. Our local junk car dealers in Dallas are honest, efficient, and respectful to your needs. We guarantee you the best services in town and a top-dollar pay for your junk car.

You can check our online reviews and verify the efficiency of our services from other customers. Wherever you are in Dallas, we’ll pick up your junk car and pay you. Get rid of that clunker and make space for more valuable things in your yard or driveway today.

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