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As you may know from your middle school chemistry classes, wet conditions and low temperatures promote the corrosion of metal. With temperatures as low as -55 °F during the winter, Minneapolis’ climate isn’t the best for anyone who’s thinking of keeping a wrecked car parked in their yard or driveway.

For this reason, selling your junk car may be the best alternative for you. You’ll get some quick cash and save valuable parking space in your home. buys wrecked cars for top dollar in Minneapolis. We buy any type of vehicle in any condition, and pay the car owners in less than 48 hours. We serve the whole Minneapolis and surrounding areas – so you can always count on us to come to pick up your junk car wherever you are.

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When Should You Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

Consider selling your wrecked car in Minneapolis if:

  • The cost of repair and maintenance is higher than the actual value of the car
  • It has so many problems you can’t hand it down to someone
  • A car dealership can’t accept it as a trade-in for another car
  • You need extra money fast

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your junk car in Minneapolis, look no further than

How to Sell a Junk Car in Minneapolis, MN

We want you to get rid of that clunker as fast as possible. Here’s a simple process on how junk car services work:

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

Visit and fill out our online form, giving us accurate details about the make, model, and the exact year of manufacture. State whether or not you have a title. You’ll also need to describe your car’s current condition. Lastly, upload some photos of the car and give us the location for the pickup.

Ensure to give accurate information for a fair offer of your car.

Step 2: Accept Our Instant Offers

Once you’ve given all the information required, you’ll see what we’ll pay you for your car. This process only takes some seconds (you don’t have to wait for a representative to call you for an offer).

If you like our offer, click “Accept” and continue to schedule a pickup date with one of our local junk car dealers in Minneapolis.

Step 3: Get Your Money Fast

When our junk car removal experts arrive for the pickup, present them with your driver’s license and the vehicle’s title. You can’t transfer ownership of the vehicle without these documents. We’ll then inspect your car to ensure it matches the description you provided. If everything is in order, you’ll hand over the keys (if the car is running) and get a guaranteed check.

Why Use Cash for Cars Service in Minneapolis, MN

Here’s why we’re the go-to junk car service in Minneapolis and beyond:

We Buy Cars in “As Is” Condition

At, we buy any car – operable or totally wrecked. Don’t be afraid to upload a picture of your car if it’s completely worn out. We make offers on 100% of the damaged cars uploaded to our site.

Efficient Process

Through our online services, we make selling your junk car quick and easy. You get a fair quote in just a few minutes. Our local junk car dealers are vetted to provide quality, reliable services and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

With, we can pick up your car the same day you requested. However, we sometimes have unexpected delays due to traffic and weather. Often, the pickups happen within two days from the time you accepted the offer. If your car can’t be driven, it’ll be towed away for free.

Price Guarantee

You’ll be paid on the day of the pickup. The price paid is the exact amount you accepted online – no gimmicks. The prices range depending on the type and condition of the car. We pay via guaranteed checks to keep a record of the transactions.

Cash for Cars in Minneapolis, MN: Frequently Asked Questions

Who Buys Junk Cars for Top Dollar in Minneapolis, MN? will give you the best offers for your car in Minneapolis, MN. We have an integrated valuation system that ensures we pay you according to market standards.

Why Sell My Junk Car to

Our process makes selling your junk car safe, fair, and efficient. Get an instant offer and receive your money in less than 48 hours.

What is the Value of My Junk Car in Minneapolis?

The value of your car will depend on the year, make, and model. The weight of the car and the demand for its parts may also affect its price.

Can Buy Junk Cars with No Title in Minneapolis?

A car title is an important legal document needed during a vehicle sale in the state of Minnesota. If you don’t have a title, we advise that you get a replacement at your nearest DMV offices.

What Types of Vehicles Do You Buy?

We buy all types of vehicles regardless of their age and condition. These include sedans, vans, trucks, SUVs, mini-vans, and more.

Selling Your Junk Car in Minneapolis is as Easy as A-B-C provides professional junk car buying services in Minneapolis that you can trust. We have thousands of offers every month, and this only means that we’re trustworthy and reliable junk car dealers in the country. We have the best offers for all types of cars.

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