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Looking for fast cash for your clunker?

You’re not alone. A lot of Phoenicians have damaged cars rusting away on their yards and driveways.

And it’s easy to see why. Selling a junk car isn’t an easy feat, even in a populous city like Phoenix, AZ with a population of over 1.6 million. Sure, you could post it on local online platforms, but most buyers are looking for operable second-hand cars.

That’s where we come in. At, we buy all kinds of wrecked and junk cars at fair prices. Don’t let your scrap car continue to deteriorate in your yard. Sell it to us today and get your money fast. Our reliable and fair selling process makes us the go-to junk car buyers in Phoenix, AZ.

Get an offer today.

Sell Your Junk Car in Phoenix, AZ in 3 Easy Steps

We understand that you have other important things to do daily and selling your junk may not be one of them. Fortunately, you can sell your wrecked car to us in three simple steps:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Car

To get the best offers for your junk car, you’ll need to provide us with all the necessary information about your scrap car. This will include the:

  • Type
  • Model
  • Make
  • Year of manufacture
  • Condition of the car

This process will take you 1-2 minutes. We buy all types of junk cars regardless of the condition. So, don’t shy away from giving us the full details of your rusty clunker.

Step 2: Accept the Offer

Once you’re done giving us all the relevant information about your vehicle, our advance valuation system will pop out an instant offer for the car. You don’t have to wait for anyone to call you back for an offer.

Accept the offer, and a junk car buyer near you will contact you to schedule a date for the pickup. Usually, we pick up the car in less than 48 hours from the time you accept the offer.

Step 3: Get Paid

On the scheduled date, our local junk car removal specialists in Phoenix will come to your place to pick up the car. We can work according to your schedule. You’ll sign the title over and get paid instantly via a guaranteed check.

Why Use Our Cash for Cars Service in Phoenix, AZ?

There are many junkyards and auto salvage yards out there, but we are a cut above the rest at providing great offers and up-to-date services.

Here’s why should be your go-to junk car buyer in Phoenix, AZ:

We Buy All Cars in Any Conditions

We make offers on all types of cars, from large trucks to tiny hatchbacks. No job is too big or too small for us. We also buy junk cars in “as is” condition, relieving you the pressure of repairing or restoring the car. Our junk car removal experts will come to pick it up for you.

Best Offers on All Vehicles

We believe that quality customer service is crucial in any business, and we strive to satisfy every one of our clients by making the best offers possible. We have an advanced system in place programmed to give you an instant offer according to the type, age, and condition of your car.

Trustworthy and Reliable

We’re a top-rated junk car company in Phoenix, doing business with hundreds of sellers every month. Furthermore, what we offer is what you get – there are no hidden charges for our services. We’ll also arrive at your place on the agreed date and time. In case of any delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, we’ll be sure to communicate early.

Free Towing

Unlike most junk car removal services that’ll charge you an arm and a leg for towing a scrap car, our service is totally free. This means you don’t have to worry about spending more money on a dead car.

Cash for Junk Cars in Phoenix, AZ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need a Title to Sell a Junk Car in Phoenix?

Yes. Arizona has pretty strict laws and regulations on vehicle ownership, and we’re at the mercy of following them. If you don’t have a title, you’ll need to obtain a replacement from your nearest Arizona DMV.

If you’re not sure about what to do, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

What is the Value of My Junk Car in Phoenix, AZ?

The value of your scrap car will depend on several factors including the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle. Other external factors such as the demand for car parts and the current price of scrap metal will also be put into consideration.

Does Pay Cash for Cars in Phoenix?

We don’t offer cash. We prefer paying you via check so we can record the transaction. What’s more, guarantees all checks, and if any issues arise, we’ll Venmo you the payment.

When Will You Pick Up My Car?

We strive to pick up junk cars as soon as possible. Usually, this takes one to two days.

Sell Your Car for Cash the Stress-Free Way

Make quick cash by selling your junk car to us. We have some of the best offers and provide exemplary services to ensure you’re satisfied after transacting with us.

Get an instant offer today!


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