CarScrappers Offers

Answer to the basic questions that are commonly asked about CarScrappers and our service.

CarScrappers works to get you the highest offer for your car instantly using our state-of-the-art junk car value estimator.  

If you are still hoping to sell your car for more we invite you to give us a call and we can review and explain your individual offer.

The condition of tires does not impact the price of your car because there isn't much if any, value in recycled tires.

We invite you to sell your tires independently, CarScrappers will still buy your car with no tires.

If you sell your tires independently simply let us know your vehicle is missing tires when getting your offer.

Your offer is valid for 7 days.

At that time we will need to recalculate it based on more accurate scrap metal prices.

The majority of the time the condition of your parts does not matter because we will be recycling your vehicle. 

Used parts, even if new, on older cars don't carry much value because there aren't many similar vehicles on the road in need of parts.  The majority of vehicles that remain will just be junked instead of repaired due to their age and other conditions.

CarScrappers carriers will do a quick inspection of your vehicle to make sure the condition matches what you submitted.  If it does not match the offer may have to be altered or your car refused.

Please avoid this by taking the time to correctly answer the questions about your vehicle.

A vehicle is considered drivable if it starts and drives in the drive and reverse gears without needing to be pushed.

The vehicle starts if you are able to turn the key and start the engine and it idles.

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