How Many Tons do Cars Weigh?

There are plenty of pieces of knowledge that make for great trivia questions, but sometimes, knowing certain facts can actually make a difference when it comes to real-life matters. For example, let’s you’d like to get rid of an old vehicle and you want to know if it’s realistic to expect to sell your junk car for $500.

The price of scrap metal plays a huge role here, and while most people don’t keep tabs on the fluctuations of that market, it’s at least helpful to know how much metal you’re trying to offload. Now here comes the important question that’s helpful for more than just a round of trivia with friends - how many tons do cars weigh?

It’s not a standard answer, not only because there are so many different makes and models of vehicles out there, but also because there’s a variety of elements to consider. Let’s dive into this all-important question so that if you do want to sell your old car, you’ll know what to expect!

Different Types of Car Weight

When it comes to figuring out how much a car weighs, it’s not as straightforward as putting it on a giant scale. In the auto industry, there are multiple ways to think about the weight of a vehicle and its components, including:

  • Gross vehicle weight - This figure includes just about everything you’d think of when it comes to a car’s weight. It takes into account all gas and fluids, accessories, and even passengers inside
  • Curb weight - Just as it implies, a vehicle’s curb weight describes how much it weighs when parked without passengers in it.
  • Payload - Although this may not tell you how much a vehicle itself weighs, a car’s payload figure informs you of how much weight it can carry in its cabin or bed, including cargo and passengers.
  • Gross vehicle weight rating - While it may sound like a car’s GVW, this figure is actually established by the chassis manufacturer and doesn’t account for people or cargo.
  • Gross combined weight - Imagine everything you could fit into a vehicle and, if it’s capable of towing, its trailer as well, and you have the definition of gross combined weight.
  • Maximum load trailer weight - Like vehicles, trailers can only handle so much weight, so this number will determine just how heavy you can pack items into it.
  • Gross axle weight rating - The axles in a car are responsible for bearing its weight and can only hold so much based upon how they’re manufactured. Each type of vehicle will have a certain number designated to how much weight each axle can support.

If all of that sounds daunting, don’t worry - selling your car to Car Scrappers won’t require you to memorize any of those figures, but having a better understanding of the various components of car weight will show you that it takes an experienced junk car buyer to be able to offer you a great deal on junk car prices.

Average Weight of a Car by Class

Instead of conducting an internet deep dive to determine how much your specific car weighs, there are some general guidelines that you can utilize to get a rough idea of how your vehicle measures up. For example, the newly popular smart cars are generally about three-quarters of a ton, making them the lightest cars. Meanwhile, midsize cars like a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord are slightly more than double that.

SUVs, of course, are going to be even heavier but might not measure in as you’d expect. A new Toyota Rav4 (a compact SUV) is about 1.8 tons while heavier Range Rovers (which are full-size or large SUVs) are closer to 2.5 tons. Trucks will be the heaviest, with styles that range from 2.5 to nearly 4 tons.

How to Find out the Exact Weight of Your Car

If you want to know the exact weight of your vehicle to get an idea about how much scrap you’re working with, there are a few ways to gather this information:

  • Those who can still locate their car’s manual will find vehicle weight listed with ease
  • Try checking the data affixed to the inside of the driver’s side door
  • You can always call a car dealership or simply look online to get a rough estimate
  • Some standard weighing stations will allow people to use the scales during slow times

Remember, there are a lot of factors that go into just how much money you’d receive for your junk car, but obviously its weight does play a large role. Scrapping your car involves selling the metal it’s made of, so items that do go into a car’s weight like gas in the tank or tires, may not play a role in the transaction.

No matter what your scrap car weighs, if you think it’s time to arrange for junk car removal, sell your car online to Car Scrappers for a quick and easy sale today!

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