How to Sell Your Junk Car Online

Maybe your ride broke down and left you stranded one too many times. Or you’re unwilling to put any more money into a car in serious need of some long-overdue maintenance. Either way, the vehicle has already had a long life span, and you’re ready to sell it. 

You could sell your car independently, but scammers run rampant on Craigslist and eBay. And it’s incredibly time-consuming to communicate with potential buyers, take photos, and deal with delivering the vehicle.

It’s easy to sell a junk car online from a computer or phone. And you won’t even need to talk to anybody or haggle over prices. Let’s review a few short steps to get your junk car on the road and cash in your pocket.

1. Research Reviews of Junk Car Buyers Online

Begin your search for junk car buyers by checking out their reviews online. When searching for a reputable junk car buyer, keep in mind a few key points that can make or break the deal for you. In those reviews, see how they handle these four questions:

  • Do you receive an instant, guaranteed quote?
  • What are the processing fees, including towing?
  • Are you paid on the spot when the vehicle is removed or via instant check online?
  • Are the agents picking up the car punctually?

If you get through this list and are happy with the answers, that buyer is on the shortlist of businesses that you might want to work with.

2. Get an Offer to Junk a Car Online

Most junk car buyers online typically offer a quote within a few minutes. A few request that you provide pictures of your vehicle in addition to answering a questionnaire. Common information they ask for includes:

  • VIN
  • Make/Model/Year
  • Title type (clean, salvaged, or rebuilt)
  • If the vehicle has all the tires and is still inflated
  • If any parts are damaged or removed
  • Mileage

After entering your information and providing pictures of your car, the website should give you a quote within a few minutes. The buyer determines how much your car is worth based on the answers you provide. Be honest when answering questions about the condition of your car. An agent will check over your vehicle when they arrive to pick it up. 

3. Accept Your Offer

If their offer is accepted and the price is fair for your junk car, accept the offer through their website. Keep reading as they’ll take you through the next steps of the process, including scheduling the removal of the vehicle.

4. Print the Details or Check Your Email

After you’ve accepted their offer for your car, print off all the details on the page. You should also see those details in an email. You’ll want to have a copy of the offer details handy when an agent arrives to finalize your paperwork.

5. Arrange Junk Car Removal – Email Them Back Your Availability or Call if You Are Able

Once you’ve accepted the offer and printed your details, contact the buyer to finalize the junk car removal. When you check your email for details, you may be able to email them back about scheduling pickup. A better option may be to call and confirm the scheduling details. 

6. Complete the Paperwork – Sign Over the Title

Meet the agent at the location of your car. They have some final documents for you to sign confirming the agreement to purchase. At that time, you will need to sign over the title of the vehicle to them. If you can’t locate your title, contact your local DOT for a copy. 

It can take a few weeks to get a replacement, so if you know you need a copy, start looking into it as soon as you know you want to sell the vehicle.

7. Sell Your Junk Car Online and Get Paid in Person

Once the agent has handed you the check, the transaction is complete. They handle the towing of your junk car. Then you can handle putting that cash in the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling your junk car online.

Which website is the best to sell my junk car?

When selling a junk car online, you should look for a trustworthy website that provides a great offer and service. Because of that, we think CarScrappers will be a great fit.

How can I get the most money for my junk car?

You can get the most money for your junk car by selling it online to a buyer who specializes in junk car purchases. They understand your car isn’t perfect. It might not even start! Let them know about the condition of your vehicle and they’ll offer you the best price for it.

How long does it take to sell a junk car online?

You should be able to get an offer instantly online. It may take one to two hours to get your offer at some places. You should then be able to accept an offer and have your car sold in one to two days on average.

Do I need to verify documents to sell my junk car online?

We’ll ask for the vehicle identification number to verify the vehicle. We’ll verify that you are the titleholder upon vehicle removal.

If I junk my car online, do I need to speak with anyone?

No, you do not need to speak to anyone to sell your junk car online. You can get an offer through an online webform and communicate via email or text.

Final Thoughts

If your vehicle won’t start or looks to be beyond repair, it’s time to sell it. Do your research and check internet reviews of reliable junk car buyers to sell your junk car online.

Ready to sell your junk car?