What is a Flood Damaged Car?

A flood damaged car is a vehicle that has encountered serious water damage resulting from a flood. Insurance companies consider such cars a “total loss.” If the car is repaired, owners are required to carry a salvage title.

How Do I Know I Have a Flood Damaged Car?

If there was a recent storm or natural disaster that caused a lot of flooding in the area, there is a real possibility that you have a flood damaged car. Here are some telltale signs that you are dealing with a flood damaged car.

How does the car smell? –  If you open the car door and you notice a damp or mildew smell, the car may have water damage. The smell should be very apparent if you’ve had the windows up for a while. Like a damp basement, the smell will be difficult to mask and hard to overlook.

What does the car look like? – Serious water damage can be visible. To see the potential flood damage to your car, check the fabric. Look at your rugs, upholstery, ceiling fabric, and seat belts for watermarks or the presence of mold. Another sign that your car has water damage would be rust. Check around the metal parts of your vehicle to see if it’s starting to rust.

Do the electrical parts work? – If there was enough water damage to your car, there will be issues working the electrical components. After the car has dried out, test all its electrical parts. This includes power windows, seats, the radio, navigational system, blinkers and lights, and anything else that is powered by electricity. If you find that they are not working or malfunctioning, this is a sure sign that you have flood damage.

How does the car drive? – Lastly, see if you can turn the car on and take it for a drive. If there is water damage, you will feel it as the engine will not run as smoothly.

What to Do with Your Flood Damaged Car?

If you determined that your car is flood damaged, you can either get rid of it or keep it.

Sell Your Flood-Damaged Car

Check if your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of the flood damaged car. You can also sell the flood damaged car for cash to a junk car buyer like CarScrappers. The car will then be recycled at no additional cost.

Keep Your Flood-Damaged Car

If the water damage to the car was not extensive, you can opt for repairs and keep the car. Be sure to understand that cars with water damage are often challenging to fix. You’ll have to deal with issues that can arise months, even years, from now. You’ll also have to obtain a salvage title if your insurance company labeled the car a total loss. Work with a trusted mechanic who will do the work efficiently so that you’re safe when driving.

Cars with flood damage can really be a pain in the neck to hang onto. If you want to cut your losses and earn a few extra bucks, give CarScrappers a call. You can reach us at (855) 929-0828 for a free estimate on your car with water damage. If you like what we offer, we’ll come pick your car up and leave you with the cash.

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