Who Will Insure Hail Damaged Cars?

Most insurance companies insure hail damaged cars, if the insurance coverage was obtained prior to the hail damage.  While it’s not called hail damage insurance, insurance providers offer complete coverage and protection against potential damage related to hail.

Hail damage to your car is a real pain in the neck. Small pellets can scratch up the paint and large sized balls can dent the car’s structure and break the windshield. In either case, the cost of repairs can go through the roof. Luckily, there is insurance coverage that will cover the cost of hail damage (less the deductible).

Hail Damage and Car Insurance Coverage

Car owners who have purchased only liability insurance, unfortunately, are not covered by their insurance for hail damage. Most insurance providers offer what is known as comprehensive coverage. This coverage will manage the cost of hail damage after you’ve paid the required deductible.

Pre-Existing Damage

If you recently purchased a car that has hail damage, finding a company that will insure it may be tough. Insurance companies have a difficult time insuring vehicles that were previously damaged. It creates a risk that the car could have more damages in the future. It also makes it easier for car owners to make false insurance claims.

If the car had hail damage prior the insurance, get repairs first. The insurance company will inspect it before they provide coverage. In other instances, the insurer will agree to cover the car going forward, except for the pre-existing hail damage. In other words, if something happened to the car because of previous hail damage, you’ll be solely responsible for repairs. This is even if you have comprehensive coverage.

Consider the Risks

If you’re lucky enough to find an insurance company that will insure hail damaged cars, consider the risks. Since the damage is pre-existing, your insurance coverage may not cover the costs if your car gets damaged in the same area or manner. This leaves you on the hook for the entire bill.

Avoid Making the Purchase

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hail damaged car, think hard about the decision. The damage to the car can be both cosmetic and mechanical, leading to expensive repairs in the future. Insurers won’t cover much of these. While the price may be attractive, a hail damaged car may not be worth the purchase.

Preventing Hail Damage

If you live in an area where hailstorms are common, take necessary measures to minimize potential damage to your car. You can either park your car in a garage or throw a car cover and some blankets on top. These will minimize the blow to your vehicle.

Hail damaged cars are the worst to deal with but there are companies out there that will insure them. Still, you may not get coverage for the current or future repairs relating to the pre-existing damage. But you will have the necessary coverage required to legally drive on the road. Choose wisely when deciding whether to purchase a hail damaged car.

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