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Sell Your Damaged Car For 17% More

Last updated: August 9, 2021

Damage to cars can happen over time or it can happen in the blink of an eye. The good news is there’s no reason to offload it for nothing when you can get a little something for it. If you’re looking to get rid of a damaged car, it helps to do your homework to get top dollar for it.

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    Where can you sell your damaged car?

    You can sell your car on any number of platforms:

    • Cash for car services: Junk car services like CarScrappers specialize in damaged cars. When you choose the right service, the network that these services have built in the industry can make for a seriously good deal.
    • Junkyards: Junkyards will buy your damaged vehicle and turn it into scrap. However, many salvage yards are looking to turn a quick buck, which means you end up getting charged anything from towing fees to processing fees.
    • Online: There are plenty of used car sites that are designed to help you sell your car without the fuss. The rub is that these sites, including free ones like Craigslist, are largely made for cars that don’t have major damage to them. Plus, the bigger-name sites may have fees both to list and complete the transaction.
    • Word-of-mouth: Maybe you put a sign on the window letting people know it’s for sale, or maybe you call local mechanics to see if they need something to practice on. You’re essentially relying on other people to do the advertising for you.

    Junkyards, online, and word-of-mouth sales may work for some people, but for the most part, it ends up being a lot of wasted time that could have been put to far better use.

    Selling to a reputable damaged car buyer can make all the difference if you’re looking to get rid of your damaged car. CarScrappers makes the process as simple as possible, partnering with towers all over the country to take out the stress and give you total peace of mind.

    Why sell your damaged car with CarScrappers?

    When the location and severity of the damage is too much to repair, CarScrappers is there for you. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our organization:

    • Our entire organization was rooted in giving you fair market value for your vehicle.
    • Considering the fluctuating prices of scrap metal, it’s never been more important to find someone who can give you the most for your damaged car.
    • With us, you’re essentially taking the guesswork out of the equation. We streamline everything from the offer to the pickup, so you can focus on what you’ll do with the extra money.

    What types of damaged cars do we buy?

    All kinds! You name it, we almost certainly buy it. From Audis to Volkswagens and everything in between, we take it off your hands.

    Models include:

    • Trucks (e.g., F-150s)
    • Cargo vans
    • SUVs (e.g., Grand Cherokees)
    • Traditional sedans and coupes.

    Your damaged car might be a clunker that’s seen better days long before the major damage was done. Or it might be a relatively newer car that met its end after a bad accident. Because we know that damage comes in all shapes and sizes to even the most resilient of vehicles, CarScrappers makes it possible to offload the burden so it’s easier to move forward.

    When it comes to defining body damage, we consider it as anything larger than a baseball — regardless of what region of the car it affects . The extent of the damage will be taken into account when making an instant online order.

    How to sell your damaged car with CarScrappers?

    It’s a smooth road from Point A to Point B when you follow the simple steps from CarScappers:

    1. Submit some info on your vehicle such as year, make, model, and condition.
    2. Get your offer instantly online or by phone.
    3. Accept your offer within 7 days to junk your car.
    4. Check your email, we'll send you the next steps along with the carrier's information.
    5. Call or email to make arrangements for the removal of your vehicle.
    6. Your car will get picked up by a tow truck or flatbed.
    7. You'll get paid with a guaranteed check for your junk car right on the spot.

    Understanding your damaged car's value

    Honestly, if you don’t work in the industry, it might not be all that easy to understand your damaged car’s real value. The truth is that it can vary based on anything from scrap metal prices to who you sell your car to. Your car is made up of a variety of metal, with steel and iron accounting for about 65% of its heft.

    A damaged car buyer is going to strip the metal so it can be recycled and turned into anything from another car to a new bridge. If the manufacturers have plenty of scrap without plenty of projects to go along with it, it will hurt the demand of scrap metal. In turn, this will hurt the demand of your damaged car.

    There’s no use quoting you the price of scrap metal today because it could very well change by tomorrow. Plus, things like location and mileage may factor into the equation too. The good news is that even at rock-bottom prices, certain make and models may still bring in more cash. In other words, a Lamborghini still has a higher net worth than a Toyota — even when it’s totaled.

    Insights and stats from CarScrappers Damaged Car Buying Service

    We may not be able to tell you how scrap metal is trending but we can tell you a thing or two about the industry.

    The CarScrappers difference

    Customer service isn’t just something we talk about, it’s something that we live on a daily basis. To us, customer service doesn’t mean sending you tons of emails about the same promotion or constantly telling you that you matter even as your tow truck shows up two hours late.

    We care about your experience because we know just how much of a hassle it can be to get rid of damaged cars. From the offer you get to the amount of time you spend on it, we look for ways to help. If you’re tired of looking at a heap in the driveway or on the lawn, we make all the arrangements in the background so you can focus on the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

    FAQs about CarScrappers Damaged Car Buying Service

    What Is CarScrappers?

    CarScrappers is a leading buyer of damaged cars. We work with a variety of legitimate junkyards, salvage yards, tow truck services, and car auction sites to ensure you get the most for your vehicle.

    How Can I Sell My Car to CarScrappers?

    For the most part, we’ll need the title, keys, and registration, though we may be able to make an exception in certain cases. You should also have a valid ID.

    Can I Arrange Same-Day Pickup?

    Maybe. Whether we can offer same-day pickup depends on availability, location, and road conditions. In any case though, we’ll do everything we can to get your vehicle picked up as soon as possible.

    Do You Buy Damaged Cars Near Me?

    Yes. We purchase cars and have them picked up across the continental US. Our carriers are ready to help you out.

    How Do I Get an Offer to Sell to CarScrappers?

    All it takes is a little information from you to get an offer from us. We recommend filling out a quick form online.

    How Long Does It Take?

    The offers themselves can take as little as a minute. The actual transaction (from start to cash) may take up to 48 hours. Keep in mind though that it’s not unusual for us to make the arrangements in as little as two hours.

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