How to Junk a Car in Florida

Feeling a little stressed because you need to junk your car for cash in Florida? We get it. We all have those moments when a car just stops working and we\’re not at all prepared to deal with it.

But, don\’t worry. CarScrappers is here to help! Our team has been buying junk cars in Florida for years, and we know how to make the process of getting some cash for that junk car as smooth as possible. Whether you\’re an experienced seller or a newbie, we\’ll take care of you.

So if you need to junk your car for cash in Florida – and fast – you\’ve come to the right place. Here is a handy 10-step guide to steer you through the process.

Here is how to sell junk cars in Florida

1. Gather any of your vehicle\’s documents that you may have

You\’ll get a better offer if you have the vehicle title in Florida. If you don\’t have it, contact your local DMV office to find out how to get a replacement. It\’ll cost around $75, but you\’ll likely get back more than that for your car\’s increased value.

2. Find a local junk car buyer

Just because your car is junk, doesn\’t mean you can\’t get some good value out of it. These days there are plenty of options in Florida, including sites like CarScrappers, local auto junkyards, and online cash for cars services. Below, we\’ll dive more into this.

3. Get offers from different buyers

It\’s time to solicit offers! Once you\’ve found out your options of who buys junk cars in Florida, get online or on the phone and see what kind of offers are out there.

CarScrappers provides you with an easy online tool to get a free, no-hassle offer, while giving you the option to call for an offer as well. Other local options might require you to call to hammer out a price.

4. Accept an offer for your car

After you consider your options, accept the offer you think is best. But only accept ONE. After all, with one car, you won\’t be able to follow through with all of them. Just take the best deal and be on your  way!

5. Schedule a quick junk car removal

Once you\’ve set up your junk car removal, we\’ll tell you everything you need to know to get in touch with your driver and when to expect a call from them. We make arrangements on YOUR time schedule, not ours.

6. Clean out your junk car

Junk car buyers don\’t care if you vacuum out the car or if it\’s really all that clean. But make sure to remove any valuables like car seats, car accessories, or spare change.

7. Turn your license plates in

If you don\’t surrender your plates in Florida within 30 days of the sale, your driver\’s license could be suspended (unless you\’re transferring them to a different vehicle), so turn the plates from your junk car in within said timeframe.

8. Sign over the vehicle title to the buyer

To junk your title in Florida, you\’ll have to get the title canceled. The process is easy and we\’ll assist you with it.

9. Cancel your car insurance ASAP

Is your car insurance still active? If you\’re planning to junk your vehicle, you\’ll want to give your agent a call to cancel your policy as soon as possible before you actually sell and transfer the junk car title.

10. Sell your junk car for cash

Now you\’re ready to unload your junk car for cash! When the tow truck or flatbed arrives, the driver will verify that it\’s the same vehicle you said it was. You\’ll hand over the paperwork, and the driver will hook up your vehicle for safe, speedy removal.

Who buys junk cars in Florida?

With so many options, you might not be sure where to look for junk car buyers. So, here\’s some places that buy junk cars in Florida:

  • CarScrappers
  • Auto junkyards, salvage yards and wrecking yards
  • Online cash for cars services

CarScrappers pays cash for junk cars across Florida

We buy junk cars all over the state of Florida, so if you\’re wondering what to do with your rusty junk car and how you can get a great cash price for it, we\’ve got an easy solution.

Some of our top local areas include Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and all points in between! We buy all kinds of junk cars: damaged cars, totaled cars, junk cars (decrepit), vehicles with mechanical problems, old junk cars, salvage cars, and more.

And we make the process quick. You can get an offer in just one or two minutes and sell your car in one or two days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are junk cars worth in Florida?

The value of your junk car is primarily determined by:

  1. Age
  2. Condition
  3. Vehicle type
  4. Scrap metal value
  5. Recyclable parts value

Now is currently a great time to junk your car in Florida because parts and metal are in high demand, which means prices for junk cars go up!

Do you need a title to junk a car in Nevada?

Motor vehicles are registered and titled in Florida so to junk your car, you\’ll need to have your title canceled. It\’s fairly simple. Contact us and we\’ll coach you through it!

Should I sell my car parts separately?

Sure, you can, but why would  you want to? It takes a long time to disassemble a junk car for parts and when you do so, your salvage value decreases by a lot.

But if you\’re sure you want to sell your car parts separately, though, we advise you should try to find a buyer first to ensure you can even sell them. Scrap yards and mechanics might be interested in engine, alternator, or catalytic converter. Once you disassemble your junk car, however, any buyer will give you much less cash for it.

Best place to junk cars for cash in Florida?

When you are looking to sell, you should try to find a buyer that pays top dollar for junk cars, has a hassle-free buying process, and has great customer service and follow-through. That\’s us!

Our customers appreciate CarScrappers\’ seamless process to junk a car for cash in Florida. Use our online tool and in 1-2 minutes, you\’ll know how much your junk car is worth. In 1-2 days, we schedule pickup and you get paid!

Ready to sell your junk car?