10 Tips to Make Selling Junk Cars Simple

No matter how many good years you get out of your car, eventually, there will come a time when you have to get rid of it. When you need to sell your ride, you want to make sure you\’re making the most money you can.

Best Tips for Selling Your Junk Car

Here are ten quick and easy things you can do to maximize profit on your vehicle sale.


1. Know the Vehicle Value

There are some baseline values for cars. You can do some research and find out how much similar cars have sold for in your area. You can also find out how cars of comparable mileage and condition have done.

When you are finding your price, be honest with yourself about how well your car is doing. It\’s easy to view your car as a gem because of sentimental value, but hardly any buyer would agree.

2. Have the Paperwork

You\’ve had this car for a long time. The title may not be readily available. Even when you\’re positive you kept it somewhere, do a quick check and make sure you have it. If you don\’t, it can make selling the car harder, and you can lose interested customers.

If you have lost the title, there are many ways to get a new copy. They can take some time, so you want to look before you start fielding offers.

3. Make It Look As Good As It Can

There may be many problems with the car, but try to make the car look as pleasant as possible when you are selling it. Wash it, clean out the interior, and take off any personalized bumper stickers.

The nicer the car looks at the curb, the easier it will be to sell for top dollar.

4. Advertise the Car

You have to get the word out. There are plenty of sites and boards to list cars. Some places have better records for generating reliable sales. Find out which sites get the most hits for the type of vehicle you\’re selling, and make sure you post your clunker there.

5. Be Ready To Haggle

Always price the car above the minimum you\’re willing to take for it. The higher price gives you wiggle room because some shoppers need to haggle. Even if you are offering the best deal in town, people will offer less.


6. Offer Test Drives

If your car still runs, let people try it out. Even if it has many problems, a test drive proves it still moves. It enables the buyer to decide if they can work with the car. Many people don\’t want to buy a clunker without at least trying it out first.

The ability to test it will give you a better position when you are working on the price.

7. Be Honest

You\’re selling a clunker. No one is going to expect the car to be perfect. They know that the vehicle will have issues, but if you try to hide stuff from them, that can spoil the entire sale. Tell the truth in your ad, and don\’t sugar coat problems.

If the buyer asks a lot of questions, answer them to the best of your ability. It might save you more significant headaches down the road.

8. Find Out About Repairs

Sometimes minimal fixes can increase the car\’s value by a lot on the resale market. Look up some of the more glaring problems and see how much they are to fix. Often they won\’t be worth the extra effort, but occasionally they can help you make some extra money on the deal.

9. Take Lots of Quality Photos

Potential buyers want to look all around the car, both inside and out online. Before you take the pics, make sure you have your vehicle looking good and use neutral backgrounds that don\’t distract from the car.

10. Look Into Junking or Donating

Sometimes it is easier and more lucrative to junk the car or donate it. These options save you time and hassle, and you don\’t have to change a thing in the car. Occasionally you can even make more money in tax write-offs on the vehicle, and it can help someone in need.

Final Thoughts

When it\’s time to sell your car, you want to ensure you get the most out of it with the least amount of work. By trying these easy ideas, you can increase the value of your vehicle and maximize your profit.

Ready to sell your junk car?