How to Get Rid of an Old Car

When your car is just too old to keep around you have to think about how to get rid of it.. Of course, you can\’t just get rid of an old car the same way you would sell a car. . No, you\’re going to have to be a little more industrious than simply hauling it out to the curb.

According to Statista, around 5% of cars are scrapped every year (when compared to the number of vehicles on the road where\’s this from?). While not all of them are old, most of them are. We\’ll look at when to get rid of an old car, ways to get rid of an old car, and why you should really be deciding these matters sooner than later.

When Is a Car Too Old to Keep?

Honestly, there\’s no cut-off date, however CarScrappers has found the average car lasts 17 years before it becomes a junk car. Most people decide a car is too old to keep when the upkeep has become more than the car is worth to them. That can be said for mechanics as well. If the upkeep is too much, it\’s better to find a new hobby car.

Generally speaking, if the thought of spending any more of your time and money to keep the car functional is exhausting, then it\’s probably time to get rid of your car. . Cars were not made to last forever.

5 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Car

There is no perfect option to get rid of your car. It all depends on how much work you want to do, and the condition of the vehicle.

Sell It Yourself

Take photos, find a platform, write an ad, schedule showings, reschedule showings, brush up your negotiation skills, research title laws in your state, file the paperwork: you can absolutely sell your car yourself. If you\’re a bulldog when it comes to haggling, this is probably your best bet if you want to extract every last drop of value from getting rid of the car.

But most people don\’t want to deal with flaky junk car buyers. Add in the possibility of scam buyers and potential liability issues if the car malfunctions, and it\’s usually not worth the extra bucks you get from selling it on your own.

Junk It

When you junk a car, you are typically selling it for it\’s scrap value.  The value of it\’s reusable parts and it\’s metal.  Typically the parts, fluids, metals, etc. are all reused or recycled whenever possible and disposed of if not. 

The process to junk a car is pretty straightforward because junk cars don\’t have much value.  Do a little research, find a buyer, and junk your car.   Local Junk Yards or Car Buyers

This is somewhat similar to our other two options.If this option speaks to you – maybe because you know the owner of a salvage yard – just make sure that you work out all the details beforehand. Deals can go sour pretty quickly if you don\’t hammer out the terms (price, pickup, condition, title exchange, etc.) with the other party (even if you\’re already familiar with them).

Sell It for Parts

Removing and selling used car parts such as the transmission and the catalytic converter can be profitable.  You can always sell the parts and then still get the money for the scrap metal from a reputable junkyard.

The downside of selling a car for parts is that dismantling a car is hard and most people don\’t have the time or expertise to do it. Plus, it can be relatively easy to destroy a once-working part in the process, which can derail the value of the car relatively quickly. Most people find it easier just to scrap the car entirely unless you are a mechanic or know what you are doing.

Donate It

Donating your car is often advertised as the end-all way to get a leg up on your taxes. In fact, it wouldn\’t be a stretch to think that you\’d make out like a bandit on your next return with a sizable refund check.

The truth is that, depending on your income bracket, it might be a really smart idea to donate your car. If you\’re right on the cusp and you just need one thing to bump you into a lower percentage category, the payoff could be huge.

However, this scenario is unlikely for most people. More commonly, nothing short of a massive charitable gift will have an impact on your returns.

Trade It Into a Dealership

Getting rid of an old car by trading it into a dealership would be your last resort. They won\’t have any use for old or junk cars. There process involves buying cars they can fix up to resell. 

Tips When Getting Rid of an Old Car

Here\’s our best tips when you\’re ready to junk your old car:

  • Clean out your belongings. Get multiple offers so that you get the best price. (or use CarScrappers to ensure it!) 
  • Make sure the removal of your vehicle is included. Old car buyers will come and pick it up with a tow truck or a flat-bed.
  • Consider your time. (Parting out your car, selling it on your own, etc. is often far more hassle than anyone wants to sign up for.)

Consider the condition and be reasonable. Old cars don\’t have much value beyond their weight in scrap metal. Getting $1,000 for it probably is not reasonable. 

CarScrappers was designed to make the process of getting rid of old cars simple, fast, and effortless. Says owner Todd Bialaszewski, \”Most of our customers just want to be done with their old cars. They don\’t want the responsibility anymore and they\’re ready for a change. Our job is to streamline it all, which we can do by partnering with reputable buyers all over the nation and actually showing up when we say we will. It\’s not necessarily easy to coordinate, but it is a simple mission for our customers.\”


How do I get rid of an old car that doesn\’t run?

Your best bet is to scrap it as a junk car.  If your car doesn\’t run that means some of it\’s most valuable parts are not working.  Therefore all of it\’s value is in it\’s weight in metal.

How do I get rid of an old car for cash?

Pretty much everyone that buys old cars will pay you cash or check.  Follow the steps above and make sure to ask about how the payment works.  Make sure that you choose someone who treats you fairly.

How to get rid of an old car without the title?

This answer depends on what state you live in. Generally, though, you can only junk your car if you don\’t have the title. It may also be possible to get a duplicate title. 

How to get rid of an old car that needs repairs?

It depends on how bad the repairs are. A hobbyist mechanic might want to take it off your hands for the practice.. More often, old cars are simply better off ending up at the metal recycling facility through a junk car buyer. 

Ready to sell your junk car?