Vehicle Problems and Issues That Turn Cars Into Junk Cars

There are many vehicle problems and issues that turn cars to junk cars. It may not be a sudden occurrence. It could be time, such as the conditions and salt in the Northeast wearing and rusting down a car.

If you\’re experiencing any of the following seven issues that turn cars into junk cars, you might seriously think about giving CarScrappers a call and getting cash for that rustbucket while you still can.

7 Problems That Turn Cars to Junk Cars

1. Suspension Issues

While it might not seem like it at the time, fixing one side of your car\’s suspension is only going to cause more problems down the line. The problem stems from the fact that front-wheel drive vehicles have a tendency to destroy their suspensions when they hit curbs or potholes. 

When this happens, ball joints, wheel bearings, tie rods, and other suspension system components break down. You may think one side needs repair but not the other, but usually too late, people realize that both sides needed work and the cost of repairs aren\’t worth it.

2. Engine Meltdown

If your car overheats, the temperature gauge needle will shoot up past the red zone and stay there. 

Your engine will struggle to keep running and may eventually stop altogether. And if you don\’t get the heat out of your engine fast enough, it could blow a head gasket or destroy other important parts of your engine.

If this happens, you won\’t be able to drive it again without fixing ALL the problems so at this point, you\’d better junk it.

3. Transmission Failure

Perhaps you have a car that\’s not worth much, but it still runs. Then, one day, you get in and go out for a drive but something isn\’t right. You look under the hood and see that your transmission is dead and gone. 

Bad transmissions turn cars to junk cars because they\’re really expensive to replace. Sometimes people just buy a new car and junk their old one instead.

4. Water Pump and Radiator

The water pump can create all sorts of problems and be the reason you have to junk your car. The water pump is connected to the radiator (cooling system) and keeps the motor from overheating. In some older domestic vehicles, this creates a domino effect.

You\’ll replace the water pump, then a few months later, the radiator malfunctions. Eventually the motor is ruined and you have junk.

5. Leaky Sun Roof

A leaky sun roof can destroy the interior of any vehicle and lead to dangerous mold conditions that are toxic for your health. Junk!

6. Rust

Rust and damage are common vehicle problems and issues. If you own a car that\’s rusted out, you know that it can be a lot of money to repair or replace. And if you don\’t have the money, or if the vehicle is too old to justify investing in repairs, then you\’re stuck with a junk car. 

7. Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning-related issues are extremely expensive because of EPA mandates and specific refrigerants that have to be used. The environmental regulations make air conditioner repairs so expensive, many people just decide to junk their car instead.

Get Cash For Your Junk Car Now!

There you have it! And that\’s only a partial listing of the vehicle problems and issues that turn cars to junk cars. If you\’ve experienced any of the above and want to talk about getting cash for your junk car, call CarScrappers at 1-866-344-6862.

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