Can I Sell My Junk Car With No Title? Everything You Need to Know

If you\’re trying to sell a car that\’s been sitting around unused for more than a few years now, paperwork can become a tricky issue. Below, we look at the legalities of selling a junk car without the vehicle title.

Can I Junk My Car With No Title?

It\’s possible, but we don\’t recommend it. In general, ALL trustworthy buyers want to see the title to make sure the car wasn\’t stolen or involved in some other kind of fraud.

You could do without a title if you\’re selling the car for scrap and, even then, you can only do that in certain states.


Should I Get a Duplicate Title?

Yes! Getting a duplicate title costs, on average, just $25 but it can increase the average offer by $100. As long as the car is legally yours, then you shouldn\’t have any trouble getting the paperwork together.

This extra step might not seem worth it, but it\’s a precaution that can save you a lot of time and trouble later on.

What is the value of getting a duplicate title?

If you can get a duplicate vehicle title, you should.  It usually costs about $40-$50 and takes about an hour of your time, depending on the state.  We wanted to explore what the value in junking your car with a title versus junking your car without a title.  CarScrappers took a look at the average prices for vehicles with title and vehicles without and found that people who junk cars with a title get $321.68 MORE on average than people who junk cars with no title. 

2000 $472.13 $287.29 $184.84
2001 $545.42 $435.00 $110.42
2002 $569.59 $394.79 $174.80
2003 $727.65 $351.88 $375.77
2004 $584.26 $240.93 $343.33
2005 $615.45 $349.48 $265.97
2006 $649.52 $343.05 $306.47
2007 $740.83 $330.71 $410.12
2008 $851.38 $346.60 $504.78
2009 $812.36 $143.85 $668.51
Average $653.75 $332.07 $321.68

How to Junk a Car with No Title

  • Check your state laws: In some states, it\’s impossible to sell a car without a title. In others, you can sell if you\’re only selling for the value of the scrap metal.
  • Find a buyer: Trustworthy people might be difficult to find. Make sure you\’re only working with buyers with an established reputation.
  • Go with CarScrappers: Only in states that allow it, CarScrappers accepts cars without the title. We\’d offer you more money if you do have the title though. We\’d gladly help you get a duplicate title to make that possible.


Why do I need a title to junk a car if it\’s just going to be crushed for scrap?

It\’s a cleaner transaction. Instead of inviting questions of where exactly you got the car and why you don\’t have the title, everything is documented so there\’s no confusion in the future.

How much is my car worth without a title?

Often, it\’s worth nothing. If you don\’t live in the right place, you won\’t be able to sell the car at all – even for scrap.

How can scrappers take advantage of car owners without a title?

If you aren\’t named on the title, the scrapper knows that you\’re unlikely to want to take them to court if they try to scam you. You\’ll have to go on the lengthy process of getting it titled to your name first before you have legal standing.

If you are the legal owner, the scrapper can hold you liable for any fees attached to  the car long after the sale. You can get billed for any maintenance fees, storage fees, and more because ownership wasn\’t transferred.

Is it easy to get a duplicate title?

Probably easier than you think. You often just need to fill out a form. If you need help getting it done, CarScrappers is here for you.

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