How to Sell a Car That Doesn\’t Run

Your car quit running and you\’ve decided to sell it. If you haven\’t encountered this situation before, you might be wondering how to sell a car that doesn\’t run.

If you have a car that doesn\’t run you can sell it, scrap it, trade it, or even part it out.

Here are the answers to some common questions when you\’re trying to sell a car that doesn\’t run. 

Can I get money for a car that doesn\’t run? 

Absolutely. There are multiple ways to get money for a car that doesn\’t run, but how much you get depends on how and where you sell it, what type of condition it is in, and the current vehicle market. Even if your car is beyond repair the vehicle still has value in scrap metal. In your worst-case scenario, you can junk the vehicle and get cash for its scrap metal.

Where can I sell my car that doesn\’t run? 

Selling a non-running car doesn\’t have to be difficult. You can actually sell it in most of the same places you would sell a car that runs fine. The overall condition of your car determines where it will be easiest to sell and get you the most money. If it is still in good condition but just doesn\’t run, a used car buyer might be your best bet. They can fix up the vehicle and resell it for a profit. You can find a used car buyer on an online marketplace such as Craigslist or Facebook, or even a dealership if you\’re interested in trading it in. If the car is in bad condition you\’re better off selling the vehicle to a junkyard or a junk car buying service. 

How do I sell a car that doesn\’t run?

After you\’ve determined the car\’s overall condition, you need to know how to sell a car that doesn\’t run.

Good Condition

If the car doesn\’t run but is still in good condition, you can take the car to a dealership to have it appraised and get an offer on a trade. In this case, the dealership only takes it if it can be repaired and resold. This scenario won\’t get you the most money for the car, but it is an easy way to put a little down toward a new ride. 

You can also list the car on an online marketplace to sell it to someone who can repair it and resell it or even drive it. Post the vehicle on Craigslist or Facebook with some pictures and details about the car. If someone offers to buy the car, you will have to take care of the proper paperwork to make sure ownership is transferred to the buyer. 

Bad Condition 

If the car is in bad condition, you will need to sell the car to junkyard or junk car service. In this scenario, you are only going to get an offer based on the scrap metal value of your vehicle. If you sell it to a junkyard, you have to find a trustworthy one and give them the information for the car. Then you will have to arrange for the junk car to be taken to the scrap yard, either by hiring wrecker or using the junkyards if they have a pick up service. You also have to make sure the proper paperwork is taken care of to transfer ownership to the junkyard.

You could also use a junk car service like CarScrappers to get an offer for your car. They will schedule a pick up time, take care of the paperwork, and pay you cash. This is the easiest way to sell a car in bad condition that doesn\’t run.

For how much can I sell a car that doesn\’t run?

The amount of money you can sell a non-running car for really depends on where you sell it and its current condition. If it is in good condition you will get more money than one that is in bad shape. In that case you might be able to get the value of the car minus repair costs. If you are junking the car you will only get the amount of money it is worth in scrap metal, which might be a couple hundred dollars. 

Can I trade in a non-running car?

Because of a shortage of microchips for new cars, the used car market is as hot as ever before. This means used cars are more valuable than they\’ve ever been, even if they have some issues with starting and running. Therefore, you can trade in a non-running car as a small payment toward a new one. However, you a car dealership will only consider accepting your car if it is in good condition and repairable. If the car is in bad shape and not worth repairing, they won\’t accept it as a trade.

What is the best place to sell non-running cars?

The best place to sell a non-running car is to us here at CarScrappers.

We eliminate the hassle of dealing with private buyers and give you the best offer for your vehicle. We will pick up the car and handle the paperwork.

All you have to do is collect the cash and stop worrying about owning a car that doesn\’t run. Start your new car search without the headache of ditching your old one.

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