13 Best Ways to Sell a Junk Car

When you’re ready to sell your junk car, you might wonder what the best way to get rid of it is. You might think your options are limited, but it's anything but. In this post, we look at 13 of the best ways to sell a junk car and what you should know about each one.

Here are 13 Ways to Sell Junk Cars

1. Sell it to CarScrappers

We offer the easiest way of getting rid of your junk car. Just call or fill out a form to request a quote, accept our offer, and we come to haul it away. You get paid at the same time and we'll help you with the needed paperwork.

2. Sell It to a Local Junkyard

You can sell your car to junkyards. Like CarScrappers, they'll also help you with all the paperwork. Beware though: the junkyard industry is rife with scams. Even if you get a pretty good offer, watch out for unnecessary fees and charges the junkyard might try to tack on.

3. Sell your junk car online

You can sell your car in many online communities. Some are focused on local neighborhoods and others are on a national scale. It takes some more work, but you can get a few extra dollars with the added exposure when you sell a junk car online. There's danger of online scammers though, so be careful about who's responding.

4. Sell it to a local junk car buyer.

Local junk car buyers are usually those working in or with the scrapping industry. They strip the car for any viable parts left, and then crush it and recycle the iron and steel from the remaining shell of the car.

When selling a car to a local junk car buyer, always look for one with a good reputation. Also, keep in mind that this option generally won't bring you the most amount of money.

5. Sell Your Junk Car for Parts

You'll make more money out of your junk car if you dismantle it and sell the working parts individually. Obviously, you'd need some car repair skills when you sell a junk car for parts. If not, you risk damaging the parts when you remove them.

6. Donate Your Car

It's technically not a way to "sell," but you can earn a tax deduction when you donate your junk car to a qualified charity.

However, since junk cars aren't worth much, don't expect a huge deduction.  Consider this when deciding whether to sell or donate a junk car.

7. Sell it on Craigslist

You can list your car on Craigslist to get it in front of junk car buyers there who are commonly looking for cars to part out or to restore. It'll be a quick sale if your car's make and model is in high demand. Expect the opposite if it's not.

Fair warning: there's an abundance of low-ballers, flaky buyers, and even bots on Craigslist.

8. Try a Listing on eBay

You can post your junk car for sale in front of a national audience on eBay. Be patient with the process as it takes time promoting your car and sifting through queries from potential buyers. It can sometimes take weeks to find the right buyer, who can end up being several miles away or in another state entirely. In that case, transporting the car becomes an issue.

9. Word of Mouth

Call people and let them know that you’re selling your car, or stick a sign in the window with a phone number and a price. You never know who's looking for something, so it can help to get the word out that your junk car is for sale. Depending on where you live, you might have a vehicle that's more in demand than you think.

10. Park It a High Traffic Area

A prospective buyer who’s looking around for “junk cars near me” might hit upon your car if it’s parked in a visible area, like on the street instead of the driveway, away from other cars in parking lots, and next to streets instead of next to buildings. This way, you’re maximizing the chances of someone seeing your window signs advertising the car.

11. List It In a Local Ad or Local Newspaper

For a certain fee, you can list your junk car for sale on the classified sections in your local paper. We recommend looking to weekly or bi-weekly papers or local club newsletters and such — they charge less for classified ads than local dailies do.

12. Trade It In

If you're planning to get a new car anyway, trading in your junk car might be a good option. You'll most likely get much less value for it than if you were to sell the car privately though.

13. Sell It on Facebook

Selling your junk car can be as easy as letting your Facebook friends know in a post or listing it on Facebook Marketplace. Post photos and describe your car in detail, then wait as the offers come in. Be sure to respond quickly to maintain interest.