Has this ever happened to you? You\’ve got a junk car that\’s been sitting idle for years, and you\’re ready to get rid of it. It might be on its last leg, or perhaps it\’s just kind of embarrassing to have, and you\’re finally ready to part ways with it.

We\’re here for you.

CarScrappers is here to make it easy for you. We\’ll walk you through 10 steps to junk a car for cash in Missouri in the most hassle-free way possible, no matter what your experience level with the vehicle recycling industry is.

Here is how to sell junk cars in Missouri

1. Gather the vehicle\’s documents, especially the title

If you don\’t have the vehicle title, it\’s possible to sell your junk car without it, but it will be more difficult and you\’ll get less cash. If you need a replacement title, it\’ll cost around $50 at the DMV, but you\’ll get that cash back because the value of your car will increase by $80 on average.

2. Look for a junk car buyer nearby

When you\’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to get rid of that junk car, we suggest you sell it online through CarScrappers. You can also sell it to your local junkyard or through some other cash for cars service. Below, we\’ll examine these options more closely.

3. Get multiple offers

So, you\’ve found a few companies that buy junk cars. Next, call each one or do it the easy way and use CarScrappers easy-to-use online tool to get a free offer on your car in just a few minutes. If you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, we give you the option to call for an offer on your junk car as well.

4. Accept the best offer

After getting all your offers, it\’s time to choose one. Which offer has the most value? Which one best fits your needs? Once you\’ve chosen an offer, you can accept it! But only accept ONE because most everyone thinks accepting multiple offers is, well, unethical.

5. Schedule your junk car removal

The team at CarScrappers really respects your time. We\’ll provide you with all the necessary information to contact your carrier so you know precisely when to expect them so you don\’t waste time waiting for junk car removal.

6. Tidy your car up

You\’ll want to make sure to get all of your valuables out of your junk car before we pick it up, including glasses, charging cables, car seats, etc. You don\’t need to get your car sparkly clean though, because we don\’t care about that.

7. Remove the license plates for recycling

You don\’t have to surrender your plates to the DMV in Missouri but people are encouraged to prevent unlawful use of expired plates by destroying and recycling them. You can also bring plates to the DMV to be recycled.

8. Sign over the vehicle title to us

You will need to get a Missouri junking certificate, which is easy to obtain. We will show you how to get one, then you just sign your junk car over to us.

9. Cancel your car insurance fast

Just call your agent and they\’ll take care of everything for you in no time. Don\’t have time to call before you junk your car? No worries! Just do it as soon as you can.

10. Sell your junk car for cash

You\’ll be ready for the tow truck or flatbed to come pick up your junk car for cash in no time. When the driver arrives, they\’ll take a minute to make sure it\’s the vehicle you described it as. Then, you\’ll sign the paperwork, and the driver will haul away your junk car.

Who buys junk cars in Missouri?

If you don\’t know where to start, it can be difficult to find junk car buyers. Here\’s a list of businesses that buy junk cars in Missouri:

  • CarScrappers
  • Local auto junkyards, salvage yards and wrecking yards
  • Online cash for cars services

CarScrappers pays cash for junk cars across Missouri

If you live in Missouri and have an old junk car taking up space on your property, we can help.

CarScrappers purchases junk cars for cash all across the Missouri. We work with customers from Kansas City to St. Louis to Springfield and everywhere in between.

If you\’re looking to get rid of an old car, whether it\’s damaged, totaled, junk (decrepit) or has mechanical problems, we can help you out. We buy most junk cars for cash in 1-2 days with free, fast service and can get you a quote online in just 1-2 minutes flat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are junk cars worth in Missouri?

There are several factors that affect how much you can get for your junk car:

  1. Condition
  2. Age
  3. Vehicle type
  4. Scrap metal value
  5. Recyclable parts value

Currently, there\’s high demand for scrap metal and spare parts, but we don\’t know when it will change. So if you\’ve been thinking about getting rid of that junk car sitting in your driveway, now\’s the time!

Do you need a title to junk a car in Missouri?

Of course, you can sell your car parts separately. It\’s your car! The only question is, should you? We say no. 

Disassembling a car for parts takes a long time, and when you do so, your junk car\’s value decreases significantly. If you\’re sure you want to, though, we advise you try to find a buyer first to ensure you can even sell them. Mechanics and local scrap yards may have an interest in your catalytic converter, engine, or alternator.

Should I sell my car parts separately?

You absolutely can, but you probably shouldn\’t. It takes a long time to disassemble a car for parts and when you do, your salvage value goes way down.

That said, if you insist on doing it, try to find a buyer ahead of time to make sure you can sell them. Mechanics and scrap yards might be interested in your alternator, engine, or catalytic converter. Craigslist can be iffy, but you could try them as well.

Best place to junk cars for cash in Minnesota?

WE want to buy your junk car!

Junking your car can be a stressful experience, especially if you\’re trying to find someone to buy it from you. You\’re looking for the highest payout possible, and a buyer who makes the process as easy as possible. And that\’s exactly what we do at CarScrappers!

We know you\’ll value our low-stress approach and simple-to-use tools. Why leave your old clunker in the yard when you can sell your junk car for cash in Missouri with help from the team at CarScrappers today!

Ready to sell your junk car?