Need to sell a junk car for cash in North Carolina in a hurry? Suddenly totaled a car? Have an old or decrepit car die on you and need to turn it into money fast?

We feel you!

Our team at CarScrappers makes it easy to sell junk cars, we have bought thousands over the years in North Carolina – we\’ve come across every instance including shady junkyards, newbies to the vehicle recycling industry, and seasoned vets.

We\’re going to walk you through 10 steps to junk a car for cash in North Carolina in the smoothest way possible, no matter your experience.

Here is how to sell junk cars for cash in North Carolina

1. Gather the vehicle\’s documents, if you have them.

It can sometimes be possible to sell a junk car without the vehicle title, however, it\’s a lot harder and the amount you\’ll be offered will decrease. If you don\’t have the vehicle title contact your local North Carolina DMV office to see about getting a replacement title. It\’ll cost around $30 but you\’ll get that back because the value of your car will increase by $80 on average.

2. Find a junk car buyer in North Carolina

Finding someone that buys junk cars differs from used car buyers. But you\’ll still have plenty of options in your local city in North Carolina which includes CarScrappers, local auto junkyards, and online cash for cars services. We\’ll dive into this more below.

3. Get offers

Once you find out your options of who buys junk cars in your area it\’s time to solicit offers. Websites like CarScrappers offer a quick and easy online tool to get a free, no-hassle offer while giving you the option to call for an offer as well.  Other local options will most likely require you call in to throw a number at you.

4. Accept an offer

Once you\’ve received your various offers it\’s time to accept ONE.  Please don\’t accept multiple offers with no intention of actually selling to them. Find the offer that sticks out in terms of value and satisfaction and agree to your deal.

5. Schedule junk car removal

The next step in the process is to set up your junk car removal. We can\’t speak for others, but with CarScrappers you\’ll receive all the information you need to get in touch with your carrier or when to expect a call from them to make arrangements on your time. After all, you should be in control – it\’s your car.

6. Clean out your car

Ok, let\’s clean this thing out.  Junk car buyers could care less if you vacuum your car out our not or how much trash is in it.  But you want to make sure to clean out any of your valuables – think things like loose coins, CDs, sunglasses, cups, etc.

7. Remove the license plates

In North Carolina, you\’ll have to turn in the plates or arrange for them to be assigned to a new vehicle. Either way, they have to come off of your current vehicle before it\’s able to be removed.

8. Sign over the vehicle title

Signing over the title in North Carolina is pretty straightforward.  You\’ll see where to fill it out but our team will walk you through this whole process as well.

9. Cancel your car insurance

Now that your car doesn\’t have any plates and you surely won\’t be driving it anymore it\’s time to cancel the car insurance.  Give your insurance agent a call this should be a simple process.  If you don\’t have time to do this before step 10 no worries you can do it afterward.  Just do it.

10. Sell your junk car for cash

Now you\’re ready to unload your junker for cash. When the tow truck or flatbed arrives the driver will verify your vehicle is the one you said it was. You\’ll then hand over the signed vehicle title and the driver will hook up your vehicle for proper and safe removal.

Optional – Wave goodbye to your baby!

Who buys junk cars in North Carolina?

Finding junk car buyers near you in North Carolina can be a hassle if you don\’t know where to look. Here are the places that buy junk cars in North Carolina.

  • CarScrappers
  • Local Auto Junkyards, Salvage Yards and Wrecking Yards
  • Online Cash for cars and junk cars services

CarScrappers pays cash for junk cars across North Carolina

Our team at CarScrappers proudly purchases junk cars for cash all across North Carolina.  Some of our top cities in NC include Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem to name a few.

Our team of junk car buyers in NC purchases all junk cars all across the state – damaged cars, totaled cars, junk cars (decrepit), vehicles with mechanical problems, old junk cars, salvage cars, clunkers, and everything else.  Get your best offer in 1-2 minutes to sell your car in 1-2 days with free junk car removal from your residence or a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are junk cars worth in North Carolina.

The value of junk cars often varies based on:

  1. The type of vehicle
  2. The condition of the vehicle
  3. The age of the vehicle
  4. The value of recyclable parts in your vehicle
  5. The value of your car in scrap metal

Now is currently a great time to junk your car because your car\’s parts and metal are in high demand – which means scrap car prices go up!

Do you need a title to junk a car in NC?

No. You can sell junk cars and salvage cars without the title in North Carolina if the vehicle is at least 10 years old. The vehicle must have a VIN and be clean of any liens. However, if you are able to get a duplicate title for your vehicle then you will likely be able to sell your junk car for more money with the title.

Should I sell my car parts separately?

You surely can. It just takes a lot of work to remove and sell valuable parts such as the catalytic converter, engine, and alternator. If you go this route, we\’d recommend finding a buyer for the parts first.  Local scrap yards may buy them or people that work on junk vehicles.

Most junk car buyers buy vehicles for these parts – so if you remove them and sell them yourself your offers will most likely decrease.

Best place to junk cars for cash in North Carolina?

When you are looking to sell a junk car you should be seeking a buyer that offers a smooth and easy process, pays top dollar for junk cars, and provides exceptional service.

This is why we believe CarScrappers is your best choice because we check all three boxes.  Buying junk cars and scrap cars is what we do. After all – we buy cars, just not good ones.

Ready to sell your junk car?