How to Junk a Car in Pennsylvania

Is it time to sell your junk car for cash in Pennsylvania? Whether it\’s already in your driveway or sitting on the side of the road, we can help you out with all the red tape and get you the money you deserve.

But if you\’re new to auto recycling, it can be easy to get lost in all the steps that lead up to selling your junk car. That\’s why we\’ve come up with this easy 10-step guide to getting rid of an old or totaled vehicle.

Here is how to sell junk cars in Pennsylvania

1. Make sure you have your vehicle\’s documents.

If you need a duplicate title in Pennsylvania, it\’ll cost you about $50.00. However, you\’ll earn that back because the value of your junk car will increase by about $80.

2. Find a junk car buyer in Pennsylvania

Selling a junk car is different than selling a used car. You can sell your junk car to CarScrappers, a local auto junkyard, or cash for car buyers online. We\’ll dive into these options more in a bit.

3. Get your offers from several buyers

Now that you\’ve compiled a list of junk car buyers, it\’s time to solicit offers. CarScrappers offers you a fast, simple online tool to get a free offer, but you also have the option to call for an offer if you prefer. If you go with another buyer, you\’ll most likely have to call them and talk at length about any offer they may make.

4. Accept the best and fairest offer

You\’ve got your offers. Now it\’s time to take someone up on one of them, but don\’t accept multiple offers with no intention of selling to them. That\’s just not cool. It\’s a good idea to compare junk car buyer offers and find ONE that strikes the right balance between price and convenience or whatever else is important to you.

5. Schedule the time for junk car removal

The next step is to set up your junk car removal. We don\’t know about the other guys, but with CarScrappers, you\’ll get all the info you need to get in touch with your carrier, or just when to expect a call from them to make arrangements ON YOUR TIME. With us, you won\’t waste time sitting around waiting.

6. Clean your car of all your belongings

You\’re about to sell your junk car, so now\’s the perfect time to clean it out. Junk car buyers don\’t require that you have your car detailed or that it\’s spotlessly clean. But this is a great opportunity to clean out your valuables like important paperwork, CDs, car gadgets, etc.

7. Remove and surrender the license plates

You must surrender your plates in Pennsylvania as soon as you no longer have liability insurance, so get that done on time and let us know if you have questions.

8. Sign the vehicle title to transfer ownership

In Texas, you\’ll need to get a Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Title, which is only $8.00. It\’s an easy process and we\’ll help you out, if needed.

9. Cancel your car\’s insurance

Once you\’ve surrendered your plates, give your insurance agent a call. If you don\’t have time to cancel your insurance before you junk your car, that\’s okay, just make sure you do it soon afterward.

10. Sell your junk car for cash

You\’re ready to unload your junk car for cash! When the tow truck or flatbed arrives, the driver will verify that your vehicle is the one you said it was (and ensure that it\’s safe to remove). You\’ll hand over the signed vehicle title and then your junk car will be hooked up and removed.

Who buys junk cars in Pennsylvania?

Are you looking for a junk car buyer in Pennsylvania? Here\’s a list of places that buy junk cars in PA:

  • CarScrappers
  • Local auto junkyards, salvage and wrecking yards
  • Online cash for cars services

CarScrappers pays cash for junk cars across Pennsylvania

We\’re always looking to purchase junk cars! Whether you\’re in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, State College, Scranton, Allentown or anywhere else, we\’re here for you.

We\’ll buy any type of junk car: wrecked cars, totaled cars, old clunkers, you name it. We can get you a cash offer on your junk car in 1-2 minutes, and we can get you paid and pick it up in 1-2 days at your home or place of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are junk cars worth in Pennsylvania?

The value of a junk car in Pennsylvania, depending on:

  1. Vehicle type
  2. Condition
  3. Age
  4. Recyclable parts value
  5. Scrap metal value

Do you need a title to junk a car in Pennsylvania?

That depends. If your junk car is older than 25 years and doesn\’t run, you probably can\’t get a title and won\’t need one. But if it\’s newer than that, you\’ll need a title to prove ownership. Whatever the case, you\’ll demand a higher price if you have a title, on average as much as $80 more. In addition, the car has to have a valid VIN and be free of any liens.

Should I sell my car parts separately?

You can but probably shouldn\’t. It requires hours of hard labor to remove the catalytic converter, engine, and alternator, which are the parts most frequently sold. Plus, junk car buyers buy vehicles for these parts, so if you remove them and sell them yourself, your cash offers will likely decrease.

If you insist on selling the parts yourself, just make sure you find a buyer first to ensure you can even sell them. Local scrap yards or people that work on vehicles may be interested.

Best place to junk cars for cash in Pennsylvania?

Our buying process is simple: accept the quote, schedule a pickup time that works for you, and receive payment.

When selling your junk car for cash in Pennsylvania, you should be seeking a buyer that offers a simple process like ours. CarScrappers will have your quote within minutes after you enter your vehicle\’s make and model online and we offer you top dollar for junk cars!

Ready to sell your junk car?