How to Junk a Car in Texas

Want to sell your junk car? You might have suddenly totaled your ride, or maybe you just have a decrepit old vehicle that finally died on you, and you need to turn it into money fast.

We get it!

That\’s why the CarScrappers team makes it easy to sell your junk car for cash in Texas. We\’ve bought thousands of junk cars over the years, and we know every scenario out there, from junkyard operators to newbies to the vehicle recycling industry vets.

Here is how to sell junk cars in Texas

1. Gather whatever of vehicle\’s documents you have available

Don\’t have the title for your car? No problem. Your local DMV office can help you get a replacement for about $30. It can be possible to sell a junk car without a title, but it\’s not as easy and the amount you\’ll be offered will decrease by around $80.

2. Find a junk car buyer in Texas

It\’s important to understand the difference between selling a used car and selling a junk car, as there are some major differences. We\’ll look at that more closely below, but generally, there are websites such as CarScrappers, internet cash for car services, and junkyards.

3. Get offers from several buyers

Once you\’ve found out who buys junk cars in Texas, it\’s time to get offers. CarScrappers gives you online tools to quickly get a quote online or you can also call for an offer. Other junk car buyers might require you to call them directly to negotiate, which can be a pain.

4. Accept the best offer of the bunch

You\’ve received your offers for your junk car. Congratulations! Be sure to choose the best in terms of value and satisfaction. Just be ethical and choose one offer instead of many with no intention of following through.

5. Schedule a speedy junk car removal

Your next step is setting up your junk car removal. We can\’t speak for others, but CarScrappers will give you all the information you need so you can get in touch with your carrier or set an appointment on YOUR schedule.

6. Declutter your car

When junk car buyers come to pick up your vehicle, they\’re not going to care about how much trash is in it or whether you vacuumed it out. However, you\’ll want to make sure that you\’ve gotten all of your valuables out. We\’re talking tools, paperwork, keys, etc.

7. Remove the license plates for your safety

You don\’t have to return your plates in Texas, but it\’s best to cut them in pieces and recycle them to prevent fraud.

8. Sign over the vehicle title

In Texas, you\’ll need to get a Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Title, which is only $8.00. It\’s an easy process and we\’ll help you out, if needed.

9. Cancel your car insurance straight away

If you\’re junking your car, you need to cancel the insurance right away. Just call your agent, give them your details, and you\’re done!

10. Sell your junk car for cash

Now that you\’ve gone through the process of setting up the cash sale of your junk car, it\’s time for the tow truck or flatbed to arrive. The driver will get to work verifying your car is really the one you said it was. Once everything\’s checked out, he\’ll take possession of your vehicle title and get to work hooking it up for proper and safe removal.

Who buys junk cars in Texas?

Looking for junk car buyers in Texas can be confusing. That\’s why we\’ve done the research for you and put together a list of places where you can sell your junk car in Texas:

  • CarScrappers
  • Local auto junkyards, salvage yards and wrecking yards
  • Online cash for cars services

CarScrappers pays cash for junk cars across Texas

If you live in a city, the suburbs, or anywhere in rural Texas, our team is around the corner and ready to offer you top dollar for your junk car. When we say junk car, we mean any car that\’s old, decrepit, mechanically damaged, wrecked, or just plain beat up.

We buy cars in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Houston, and El Paso to name a few. Just go to our website and fill out the form on how to sell your junk car. You\’ll get an offer in 1-2 minutes and we can schedule pickup from your home or office in 1-2 days!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are junk cars worth in Texas?

Here are a few things that determine the value of junk cars:

  1. What type of vehicle it is
  2. The condition your junk car is in
  3. How old it is
  4. Value of recyclable parts
  5. Scrap metal value

It\’s the perfect time to junk your car for cash because scrap metal, spare parts, and car prices are going up and up!

Do you need a title to junk a car in Texas?

Yes. If you want to sell your junk car for cash in Texas, you\’ll need a Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Title. It costs less than $10. Let us know if you have questions. Nonrepairable means that the car is not able to be repaired and can\’t be registered to drive on the road again.

Should I sell my car parts separately?

Yes, you can remove and sell your car parts but we don\’t advise it. It\’s a lot of work to take apart a car! Most of our customers sell their cars to us as-is. This includes parts like the catalytic converter, engine, and alternator. If you remove these parts yourself, your offer price will likely decrease.

Best place to junk cars for cash in Texas?

We\’ve been buying cars, junk cars more specifically, for years. We don\’t buy nice cars, but if your car is junk? We\’ll buy it for top dollar!

When you\’re looking to sell your junk car for cash in Texas, you want a smooth process, high payout, and great customer service. No matter where you are in the Lone Star State, CarScrappers is the auto buyer that checks all three boxes!

Ready to sell your junk car?