Are Transmission Problems Expensive?

Most transmission problems are expensive to repair. They can cost several thousand dollars to repair depending on the damage. This is partly due to the amount of labor that must go into pinpointing and resolving the problem. To repair a transmission, a mechanic has to remove it from the chassis and take it apart for further evaluation. With several internal parts to assess, mechanics end up charging customers more for labor than actual parts.

How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

On average, smaller transmission repairs cost between $1500 - $1800, while major repairs or rebuilds go upwards of $3,000. Pricey, right? But what drives these prices to be so high? Other than the complexities of repairing a transmission, there are other factors that can impact the cost of transmission repair.

Factors That Influence Transmission Repair Costs

The Extent of Damage

How badly damaged is the transmission? If you didn’t neglect the maintenance schedule, the damage may not be as bad. For example, a transmission flush and filter change can cost an average of $125 - $200. However, if you never took the time to flush their transmission, this results in a buildup of sludge. This can lead to the need to replace the transmission entirely.

Type of Transmission

The type of transmission you have will also determine the cost of repairs. Automatic transmissions cost more to repair because it is a lot more complex than a manual transmission. It has several parts that require inspection before a problem can be determined. This means more billable hours for your mechanic. Manual transmission problems are typically related to the clutch which is a lot easier to repair, therefore, less expensive.

The Cost of Parts

Auto parts have become more expensive as the parts become more advanced. Electronic components are a lot more complex to manufacture, therefore, driving the costs up. Not to mention the availability of the part needed to repair the transmission. Parts that are harder to obtain can also cut into the price of repairs.

Make and model

A foreign or luxury vehicle with transmission problems is going to cost more to repair than a domestic car will. The same goes for age. Older or rare cars are going to be more expensive to repair than a newer, popular car. Essentially, car parts have to be ordered. If the parts are harder to find, it’ll cost more.

Your Mechanic

Where you take your car for transmission repairs matters a great deal. Taking it to a high-end, well-known chain will cost you a lot more than it will to take it to a local mechanic who specializes in transmission repair.

Ways to Cut Costs on Transmission Repair

If you believe your car is worth keeping and you simply want to find affordable transmission repair, here are some tips to help reduce the costs.

  1. Buy parts on your own – shop around for transmission parts and take them to your mechanic. You may be able to find a more affordable rate than your mechanic, saving you a few extra bucks.
  2. Ask for quotes – Before you choose a mechanic, do a little comparison shopping by asking for quotes on transmission repair.

Transmission problems can be very expensive, even for car owners who have done a good job with the maintenance. The fact is, if you have a car with transmission problems, you have a huge decision to make. If the car is in otherwise good condition and the repairs are minor, making the repairs might be a better option. However, if there are other issues and the repairs are major, selling your car with transmission problems for cash may be the best solution.

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