We Buy Junk Cars For Top Dollar – How We Squeeze Car Buyers to Get YOU The Most Money Possible

Tired of that junk car taking up space in your yard but not willing to let it go for little to nothing because it holds sentimental value and you're hoping to get $500 cash for it? Recently had an accident that completely wrecked your vehicle, but you are simply not ready to give it up for the low dollar? If you answered yes to either question, then you are in good company.

Selling your junk car not only frees up space, but it can also put some extra cash in your pocket – cash that can be spent towards a new vehicle or repurposed for another need. You may have checked local junkyards or even posted your vehicle on an online trading website such as Craigslist but developed cold feet with the dismal offers you received.

Car Scrappers buys junk cars across the country, and despite the competition, we remain the most sought after cash for junk cars company because we buy junk cars for top dollar.

How Are We Able to Buy Junk Cars for Top Dollar?

At Car Scrappers, we offer you the best value possible for your junk car because we have a well-established system of doing things. Our system prioritizes the seller – not the buyer. We firmly believe in getting you the most reasonable price for your used car, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that happens.

We Are the First-Rate Marketplace for Used and Junk Cars

Car Scrappers is not your ordinary junk car buyer – we are a highly regarded marketplace for used and junk cars with a nationwide network of respectable car buyers.  We also boast exclusive access to coveted online car auction sites across the country.

Once we accept your offer, we run our scrap car calculations to determine who will buy your junk car at the best price. It might be a regular car buyer, an online car auction, or a local junkyard. Whatever the case, we already have the highest paying buyer at hand.

We Rely on Data to Give You the Best Price Possible

While most junkyard and auto salvage yards simply throw out their best lowball offer, leaving no room for negotiations, here at Car Scrappers, our offers are based on cold hard facts. Not only is our algorithm accurate, but we also rely on several key pieces of data to ensure we are giving each seller the fairest price possible.

Much of the information we use isn't available to junkers, including:

  • Recent Transactions on similar models (how much they sold for)
  • The conditions the vehicles were in
  • The location in which the vehicles were sold
  • Who purchased the vehicle and more

Each of these pieces of information plays an important role in our offer and helps ensure the seller is getting top dollar for their junk car.

We Have a Well-Established System

While our competitors work on probability, we have a well-established system in place to help us ensure every seller who comes to us gets the most bang for their bucks. Whereas other 'junk buyers near me' offer a low dollar return because they are not sure how much your car will fetch, we already know what the buyer is paying and are not afraid to start your offer at the highest price point.

We Have No Problem with Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients

We are always willing to run the mile for you. For instance, if we have already picked out the highest-paying buyer based on our data and current list of possible buyers and have offered you a quote, you are allowed to decline should you feel the offer wasn't fair.

All you have to do is ask.

If you're unhappy with your initial quote, we have no problem reevaluating. Our customer support team will call the prospective buyer on your behalf. We will discuss your concerns with the buyer and try to convince them to stretch their budget to suit your preferred price range.

The bottom line: If you are not happy, we are not happy, and we will do just about anything to see your deal through.  Except paying you in cash because we prefer a check.

We Do Due Diligence While Dealing with Junk Car Buyers

Most junk car buyers are shady and will lowball you at any chance they get. That is why although our vast network includes junk car buyers, we do not partner with just anyone who comes running through our door. Each prospective buyer undergoes a strict screening process, which entails:

  • A basic background check
  • An exhaustive interview
  • Confirmation that they indeed have the funds to buy junk cars for top dollar to pay our clients

Each and every buyer we choose to work with, whether it be a junkyard, auto salvage yard, or an auction site, is held to the absolute highest standards.  For example if they say same day pickup for your junk car then that is expected. We will not risk our well-earned reputation by working with buyers with poor intentions and do not prioritize their customers.

That said, we have a three-strike system. If a junk car buyer goes against any of our policies three times, we bring our partnership to an abrupt end.

Sell Your Junk Car with Car Scrappers

The market is saturated with junk buyers, but Car Scrappers gives you the best return on your junk car.  Auto salvage yards and junk car buyers know if they tell you about us, then they will be forced to purchase at the top dollar. Why – because they know just how efficient our system is and allows us to pay top dollar to each of our customers.

Ready to free up some space in your garage? Think it is finally time to let go of your used car vehicle?


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