What is a Junk Car (Scrap Car)?

You’ve probably heard a less than stellar vehicle referred to as a variety of names that we can’t really list here, but if you’ve ever heard the term “scrap car” or “junk car,” have you wondered what that really meant? It’s not simply a way to describe a car that’s near the end of its life and there’s actually an entire industry dedicated to moving these vehicles to their final resting place.

Car Scrappers only hunts down scrap cars to take to their final resting place, but what exactly defines a car as such? Many times, people confuse scrap cars with salvage cars, so we’re going to explain how they differ, understand what a scrap car actually is, and learn what you can do with yours.

Getting Scrappy 

The word “scrap” itself describes a small piece of something that’s left over after the rest of an item has been used up, so in that general sense, a lot of cars might be classified as scrap cars. That’s not really true though, as a vehicle’s age isn’t the only defining factor.

A scrap car is one that is no longer functional and can only be taken to a scrap yard to die a slow and painful death. In reality, junk cars are already going through this long process of entering into the afterlife, but taking it to a junkyard will speed things up just a bit. Most scrap cars include some of the following:

  • Missing parts including the engine, mirrors, door handles, seats, or tires
  • No traceable line of paperwork, meaning that the title and registration are long gone
  • They don’t run or would be so costly to repair that they aren’t a worthy investment
  • Typically a scrap car is older and hasn’t been well maintained
  • Some of these vehicles have sustained immense damage including fire or vandalism

Some people like to interchange the terms “scrap car” with “junk car” and while they typically mean the same thing, they don’t always describe a vehicle in equal ways. A car can be a total piece of junk but may not fit the above parameters to make it appropriate for Car Scrappers.

Dealing With A Junk Car

If you’ve determined that you are, in fact, dealing with a scrap car, what are you supposed to do with it? Many people let them sit in their driveway, garage, or even their backyard for far too long, only devaluing the car even further due to deterioration. Instead, consider selling your scrap and earning some cash.

Car Scrappers specializes in purchasing scrap cars so that you don’t have to deal with them any longer. While you could spend time parting it out on your own with varying levels of success, why not let us do it for you? Car Scrappers is always eager to get our hands on junk cars and knows just by a few details about your clunker how much it's worth. We'll even tell you if you can sell a junk car for $500.

Keep in mind, a scrap car is intended for the scrap yard only and its value will vary based upon a lot of factors. The sooner you get your car to the Car Scrappers the more money you’ll likely receive, and depending on the year and condition of your scrap, it could be several hundred dollars.

Car Scrappers comes in peace and the only thing you should be afraid of is not taking advantage of cashing in your junk car. Take some time to determine if it’s a salvage or scrap car, or simply call us, and then get ready to rid your life of the eyesore in your front driveway.

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