Who Buys Junk Cars for Car Scrappers? How We Get You Top Dollar

Wondering who buys junk cars? Well, you should. Knowing who buys your junk car after you sell it to Car Scrappers is vital information. It gives you peace of mind knowing the beloved but nonfunctional Audi you kept in your garage for years will end up in good hands.

Scrapping the car and salvaging its parts might be difficult, but you will be happy knowing your car served a purpose. Besides, knowing who buys junk cars assures you that the DMV won’t come after you a few months or years down the line because your junk or parts of it were part of a crime. So read on to follow our buying process.

Who Buys Junk Cars For Us?

As a nationwide marketplace for junk cars, Car Scrappers stands out from other cash for car buyers because we don’t just let anyone buy your junk. Our goal is to ensure that each client who comes to sell their junk to us gets top dollar and walks away completely satisfied. That is why we only sell our cars to:

First Rate Auto Salvage Yards

It is a well-known fact that auto salvage yards are often shady. They will promise to take your junk as is, only to come and try to make you sell it to them for as low as possible. Then they resell it for a significant profit. But in this sea of scammers lies a few reputable auto salvage yards. These are the ones we work with at Car Scrappers. Sure, they are hard to find, but we have the time and resources to identify the most reputable yards across the country.

To find them, we conduct comprehensive research on the best junk car buyers within a particular area. Next, we do an exhaustive interview to determine if they fit the profile we compiled during our research. If satisfied, we perform a basic background check and review their performance to see if they can afford to buy junk cars for top dollar. But just because they’ve passed doesn’t mean they’re free to do what they want.

We place each yard on a three-strike policy, whereby if they fail to stay up to par with our standards, they are out. Thanks to how rigorous and detailed our screening system is, only the best auto salvage yards pass. You can be confident that when an auto salvage yard buys your junk car for Car Scrappers, they are the cream of the crop.

Online Car Auctions

Online car auctions attract massive crowds of junk buyers. But not everyone in this crowd is out to spend the top dollar on a junk car. But at Car Scrappers, we boast excellent ties with online car auction organizers and will work with them to ensure your junk car is purchased at the best price.

Local Car Auctions

As a nationwide marketplace for junk cars, our network runs wide. Besides online auctions, we boast strong relationships with local car auction organizers, and whenever there’s an auction, they will often alert us in advance.

Junk Car Buyers

We also pride ourselves on a vast network of individual junk buyers. In most cases, these are individuals who have been in the junk car business for a long time and know we are a good source of junk cars or those who have just dipped their toes into the world of junk cars and are looking to either buy scrap, salvage parts, or refurbish junk cars.

Who Doesn’t Buy Junk Cars for Car Scrappers

We are a well-established business, which is why we won’t put our reputation on the line by working with the following:

Shady Junkyards

As mentioned, the junk car market is full of shady junkyards. Fortunately, with our strict screening system, they don’t stand a chance to penetrate our network.

Low Paying Cash for Cars Services

Some cash for cars services are legit and have a good reputation, but they may be unable to offer you the best value for your junk. As noted, our goal is to get you the top dollar, and as legit as they are, we don’t allow them to buy junk cars for us.

At the end of the day Car Scrapper's screening process when we choose who buys junk cars for us sets us apart from the competition.

But if you are wondering why you would work with us versus those who buy junk cars directly it's simply because they are looking to wheel and deal you down and buy your car for as little as possible so they can make as much as possible off of it, while Car Scrappers works to get you the most cash possible from places that buy junk cars by pitting them against each other.

A basic scenario would be if junk car buyer may offer you $200 for your car hoping to then gross $800-$1,000 off of it and profit $100-$200.  That same junk car buyer would be willing to buy that same car for $300 and take a little less profit versus not buying the car at all.  We make that happen.

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