Why We Pay With Check Versus Cash for Cars

Although we understand that you might feel more comfortable getting the cash in hand when we purchase your junk car, Car Scrappers prefers to pay by check to protect both ourselves and our customers.

Here is why we feel checks are a better option:

1. Checks Leave a Paper Trail

Cash is the only method of payment that leaves no trail. We prefer using checks because it ensures that we have a record of what was paid out, as well as when the check was cashed.

We also feel that paying by check is better for you. It provides evidence of the sale, and you have a written dollar amount that allows you to confirm that you received the correct sum of money.

Cash can be miscounted or misplaced. If you use cash, there is no way to prove you’ve received proper payment. When you receive your Car Scrappers payment by check, there is a record of your transaction.

To us, that seems like a good, honest way to do business.

2. Checks Are Safer for Large Payments

When our rep arrives to pick up your car, they will have you sign it over and then hand you your payment.

If, however, it is a large payment of $500 cash for junk cars or more, it would not be very safe to send the rep out with all of this cash on them. We are much more comfortable and confident sending them with checks. That way, money cannot be lost or stolen.

Some cash for cars businesses may show up to take your vehicle and offer you less cash than you were expecting to get. With Car Scrappers, you do not have to worry about receiving less money than originally estimated because we guarantee your offer from the moment you schedule your pickup.

Avoid Getting Scammed by Cash for Cars Services

Unlike Car Scrappers, several cash-for-cars companies pay with checks but do not guarantee their payments. Watch for signs that the payment is not legitimate, for example:

  • The company asks you to wait before cashing the check
  • The company writes the check for more than the estimated amount

If you spot these signs, you may be in trouble. It is likely that the check will be canceled and bounce when you try to cash it. In the case of the overage, they may also ask you to pay it back before you realize that the check was a fraud, leaving with less money in the bank and no car.

Other junk car buyers say they deal only in cash. Beware of possible scams when it comes to dealing with such people.  You may choose to not work with us but this shouldn't be the reason.

They may ask you to bring your car to the junkyard for inspection before providing an estimate or give a higher estimate on the phone than they do in person. In this way, they are hoping to corner you into selling it at a low price out of desperation due to the extra effort you put in.

Always ensure that you get all of the cash on the spot before they take possession of your car. Do not sign away the title or let a driver pick up your vehicle until you know you are paid in full. And avoid installment payment plans at all costs. The junk car buyer should have no problem paying you exactly what they offered.

Get Guaranteed Cash for Your Car with Car Scrappers

At Car Scrappers, we buy junk cars for top dollar and we pay you by check to ensure that you receive your payment promptly and securely.

It may not be as convenient as cash in your hand, but it is the best way for us to guarantee your money. With checks, you have a record of your payment, and we have a record that you received it.

Checks are the safest method for you and us. With our payment guarantee, you can rest assured that you are not going to get scammed. And we will be satisfied knowing that we have successfully helped another person trade in their old junk car for some useful cash.

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