Sell Your Car in Any Condition The CarScrappers Way

Get your best offer from our network of trusted car buyers and auto junkyards and sell your car for up to $100* more.  It's simple, fast, and painless with CarScrappers.

Todd From CarScrappers

How to Sell Your Car The CarScrapper Way

  • Tell us about your vehicle

    1. Tell Us About Your Car

    Answer basic questions about your vehicle and it's condition and get an instant offer for your car from our network of car buyers using real-time data. Simple.

  • Accept your Offer

    2. Accept Your Best Offer

    Accept your offer and we'll put you in contact with the car buyer who will arrange the vehicle's removal.  Painless.

  • We-ll remove your vehicle and you get paid icon (2)

    3. Sell Your Car & Get Paid

    You'll get paid on the spot for your vehicle with a guaranteed check.  Congratulations, you've sold your car the CarScrappers way!

Here's How CarScrappers is The Leader in the Scrap (Junk) Car Industry

We're CarScrappers.

We know the vehicle recycling industry like you know you want to sell your junk car for the most money.

The cash for cars & junk car service that gets you more money because we work with various junk car buyers and online auction sites

Scrapping a used car can be a nightmare.  Where do you start? Who buys junk cars?

The car scrapping industry is an unknown to most people who often turn to Craiglist or used car buyers to scrap their car only to get left with no offers or scammed in the process.

CarScrappers is the complete opposite of that nonsense.  Whether this is your first time, or you've done this before, CarScrappers makes scrapping a car fast, simple, and straightforward.  We are a huge, reliable, screened network of car buyers across the country that are eager to buy your car for the best price.

CarScrappers buys all cars.  We buy cars, trucks, vans & SUV's.  We buy used cars, damaged cars, totaled cars, flood damaged cars, old cars, clunkers, and junk cars and end of life vehicles.  CarScrappers also offers free junk car removal within our tow region.

Questions or concerns? CarScrappers is here to help!

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